02/02/19Brain Training

No matter who you are, it’s important to keep your mind aware, thinking and active. Brain Training helps achieve this and here are some suggestions we have…

  1. Bingo – This is also fun and fabulous social activity. Get together with your nearest and dearest and get playing! 
  2. Puzzles – With a plethora of various beautiful puzzles available there’s something for everyone. Puzzles focus on the minutest of detail – exercising the mind!
  3. Sudoku – The challenge of Sudoku is to complete a numbered grid, whereby if one number is placed in the wrong box the implications can disturb the rest of the puzzle.
  4. Crosswords – Decreasing stress whilst increasing concentration and brain stimulation are only some of the benefits of doing crossword puzzles. They are also easy to find at the back of a newspaper!
  5. Memory games – These games are especially helpful for those living with dementia. Recalling past nostalgic memories, in a safe, playful environment is great in encouraging the brain to get active. 
  6. Reading – Enhances cognitive awareness and can lessen feelings of loneliness.
  7. Tea Tray Game – Appropriate for all, simply place a number of items from around the house on a tray. Participants have a limited time to look at the items – then cover the tray with a tea towel, taking away one item. Participants then have to recall which item is missing from the tray. This is especially appropriate for those with memory troubles.

It can take time to start enjoying any of these activities but the benefits are worth it. Having patience and celebrating the small achievements is the secret.


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