Disability Support in Hertfordshire


Branch Manager

Hi, I’m Kit and with my team supporting people with a range of disabilities to lead active lives at home and in supported living accommodation.

  • We provide disability support in Hertfordshire including Hatfield, Hemel Hempstead & Stevenage.
  • We provide a range of support services for people with disabilities and complex health care needs.

    disability support Disability Support

    We provide specialist support to adults and children with learning disabilities which encourages greater independence and self-worth. Our staff are trained in the specific health conditions of the people they support to ensure they’re knowledgeable and can adapt to each person’s needs.

    disability support Autism Support

    We support people with autism who may have some difficulties that impair their abilities and can include language and communication, the flexibility of thought, imagination, social and emotional engagement.

    Our staff are trained and knowledgeable in working with people with autism and provide the support needed to help each person develop skills and experience to interact more and to help make them feel safe and secure.

    Epilepsy Support

    We understand that epilepsy can affect people in many different ways and each person’s experience is different. We support people with epilepsy living with their condition to lead active, safe and healthy lives.

    Mental Health Care

    People with learning disabilities and mental health needs require more specialist support.

    We work with health professionals and the person’s circle of support to understand their particular needs and ensure we support them to have the best quality of life, lower their anxieties and enable them to manage their mental health needs.

    Complex Care

    Our complex care service supports a wide variety of conditions which rely on both medical and physical support. We find solutions to help people to have an excellent quality of life and enjoy opportunities to live in their community. To read more visit our Complex Care page.

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    Speak to Kit on: 01707 443933

    Email Kit at: enquiries@alinahomecare.com

    Visit us at: Foundation House, 2-4 Forum Place, Fiddlebridge Lane, Hatfield, Hertfordshire AL10 0RN

    We provide disability support services in Hertfordshire including:

    • Hatfield
    • Hemel Hempstead
    • Stevenage