Live-in Care

Neighbours for years. Allotment prizes. Favourite pew. Cheery postman. Children growing. Woodland pathways. Summer school fete. Best coffee ever.

All of us value different things about our community and a sense of belonging is natural. So if household jobs start mounting up, or a medical diagnosis over-shadows living at home alone, there’s an awful lot at stake. Our job is to understand what makes life easier for you. Then suggest ways we can help you achieve it.

At Alina, it’s all about you.

Your choices

Choose Live-in Care for dedicated, round the clock support in your own home.

Your live-in carer will provide Companion Care – someone to chat to, go to the shops with or perhaps join in with your gardening group. Everyday Domestic Care will prepare meals, clean, garden and get you to your next appointment. Personal Care is on hand for help with getting up in the morning, washing and taking your medication on time.

If your carer takes time out or goes away Respite Care can step in. An accident or medical condition can create a sudden need but Emergency Care can be there within 24 hours. End of Life Care is for as long as you need us. Personal, spiritual and mental care improves your comfort and quality of life in the face of a serious, incurable illness.

Your plan

Our expert live-in carers deliver positive, quality care 24 hours a day for a week, month or year. It is compassionate, gentle and belongs to you. But it doesn’t have to be forever, unless you want it to.

We start by meeting you at home to chat through your situation. Together we agree a care plan that covers your needs and how you wish to be looked after. Together, we review it frequently to check it still works for you.

Sharing your home is a big step. So we match interests and personalities and let you get to know one another first. After two weeks we carry out a review to make sure it’s working for you.

Your Right to Respect, your privacy, dignity, independence and security are always top of our list. So our carers:

  • Are welcomed by you and never intrude
  • Preserve your self-respect
  • Give you space to be yourself
  • Keep you safe when you need them to.

We support you to make life easier.

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