28/10/18Things to do before switching on the heating this winter

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We’ve had a fabulous summer this year, however with winter fast approaching this can have an impact to your health; especially affecting vulnerable and elderly people the hardest.

Cold temperatures can raise blood pressure and increase the risk of flu or other lung-related problems. It’s so important to look after loved ones during the winter months.

Things to do in their home…

Energy saving

Heating can be expensive. Some households may only have storage heating or limited central heating. A third of heat loss can escape through gaps in your doors, windows or even through the roof. Eliminating any draughts can help reduce costs. Loft insulation is the best thing to improve energy efficiency in the home and it is relatively cheap to install.

Stay safe

Make sure their boiler is regularly serviced so it doesn’t fail when it’s needed the most. Use a registered Gas Safe engineer to ensure this is done safely. If they have gas central heating, installing thermostatic radiator valves helps regulate the temperature per room.

Order medication

Organise any medication so it doesn’t run out by making sure repeat prescriptions are ordered ahead of time.

Things to do for their health…

Keep moving

Staying active will not only keep them fit and healthy, it will also generate heat to keep warm.

Fuel for the body

Eating and drinking well over the winter months is important. A good balanced diet consisting of fruit and vegetables and at least one hot meal per day can help.


The elderly, young or anyone with a weak immune system can be more susceptible to illnesses in the winter. Talk to a GP or pharmacist about receiving a flu jab and help prevent more serious conditions like pneumonia, meningitis and septicaemia (a type of blood poisoning).


It’s not unusual to feel down in the winter months especially as days begin to get shorter. Encourage them to keep a regular routine with visits and calls from friends and family to keep their spirits high. This not only stimulates the mind, it will help increase their energy as well.

Share your winter health tips below…

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