28/01/19Wheelchair Friendly City Escapes

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Looking for a city break this year outside the UK? These 5 cities have been noted as being amongst the top wheelchair friendly and most accommodating cities in Europe.

Milan, Italy

In 2016, Milan was winner of the Access City Award. From airports, hotels and famous sites, many offer great wheelchair access. An advance warning however to stay away from the La Scala Opera House museum as this unfortunately is not suitable for wheelchairs.

Munich, Germany

With great public transport including trains and trams that provide ramps, Munich is easy to get around. Renowned for its celebrations during Oktoberfest, Munich ensures it has specially reserved tables with wheelchair access.

Barcelona, Spain

Home of the Sagrada Di Familia, Las Ramblas and Parc Guell Barcelona is a vibrant and exciting city to visit. All buses are guaranteed wheelchair access as well as 80% of the metro stations making it easy to get to the great sites. Beaches also cater for wheelchair access, with special mobility chairs to help you navigate the sandy terrain.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Not only is this city incredibly accessible, but many attractions allow disabled individuals free entry. Be sure to check beforehand just to make sure!

Prague, Czech Republic

A fantastic destination for picturesque sites and exquisite foods, Prague is also accessible with all cafes, restaurants and shops providing sources of help.

As with all travel, it’s important to check and plan your trip in advance. Online hotel websites and trip planners disclose their accessibility and will be happy to help. 


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