Supported Living

“I live in my own home, I choose my own support, I do activities I want when I want and I achieve positive outcomes for me.”

We provide supported living services to make this happen!

We support people with learning disabilities including autistic spectrum conditions and mental health needs. We work in partnership with each persons ‘circle of support’ to make a positive and real difference to the lives of people we support. We focus on each person’s abilities and support them to reach their goals.

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Autistic spectrum conditions

A person with autism may have a number of difficulties that impairs their abilities. These difficulties are often referred to as the triad of impairments and include difficulties with: language and communication, the flexibility of thought/imagination, and social and emotional engagement. People diagnosed with autism and Asperger’s may have some or all of these impairments to differing degrees.

People can find it difficult to understand the full extent of interactions in the world around them and maybe over or under sensitive to sound, touch, light etc. Communicating these difficulties can be very challenging. People with autism can have difficulties understanding communication, verbal/hand gestures, how other people are thinking and feeling and may find it hard to engage in conversations with others. Often people can find themselves isolated and unable to overcome these barriers without knowledgeable and compassionate support.

Some people with autism may show a predisposition to structured ways of doing things that lead to repetitive patterns of thoughts and routines and behaviours that help them feel safe. If these are changed they can feel out of control.

Our staff are trained and experienced in working with people with autism and provide the dedicated and committed support for the person needs to help them gain experiences, develop skills to understand and interact more and to make them feel safe and secure.

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Mental health needs

The term mental health needs covers a wide range of needs and difficulties which can affect a persons ability to function day-to-day, for a short period of time or throughout their lives. This can include anxiety-related, depressive, schizophrenic and personality disorders. If someone is diagnosed with a learning disability and mental health needs they will require more specialist support.

People with some cognitive or communication difficulties may find it more challenging to understand their needs, the treatment and the support they require, to manage and support their mental health needs; our supported living services include working with health professionals and the persons circle of support to understand these. We complete transition visits to get to know the person and the support they need. We select and train staff to have the right skills and any additional training required is sourced. Consistency and reliability is essential to people and when there is a higher complexity of need, we ensure that we work as a team with everyone involved in their care, to get the supported living services right for the individual.

Our role is to ensure we support the person to have the best quality of life, re-build their self confidence and skills, lower their anxieties and enable them to manage their mental health needs.

Following a referral, an assessment is undertaken and a package of care and support is proposed to deliver the current needs, goals and outcomes. Details of the support and the cost of this will be provided. For further information on how we can help, contact us.

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